Munros Driving School

FAQs and Resources

  • How old do I have to be to take a Drivers Ed course?

    You must be 15 by the first day of a class.

  • Do I need to show any documentation when I register?

    No, but you will need to show it to the Dept. of Licensing when you apply for your permit.

  • How long is the course?

    5 weeks, Mon-Wed for 2 hrs and 15 min daily. (Island programs may be slightly longer), two hours/day. Our program typically runs Mon thru Thur for the first 2 weeks, then Mon thru Wed for the last 3 weeks, with the exception of some holidays. If our program takes place at a high school, we will NOT have a class if school is not in session on that particular day.

  • How much does it cost?

    We have several locations throughout 4 counties and prices vary accordingly. We require a minimum $275 deposit at time of registration with the balance paid by the first day of class.

  • How do I apply for a learners permit and how soon can I get it?

    You must pre-apply for your permit number at: When you register for a class, we will need that number to advise the DOL that you are enrolled into the course. Then you may go to a local DOL office no sooner than 10 days before your course begins . If you are 15-1/2 or older, you may take the Knowledge Test with us then purchase the permit at the DOL.

  • What documents do I need when I apply for my permit at the Department of Licensing?

    If you want a picture on the permit, take a certified copy of the birth certificate or passport. (see for more specifics). A parent signature on the permit application is required.

  • How much is the family discount and how do I indicate that when registering online?

    You get $25 off for a returning immediate family member if you've had another son or daughter go thru our program in the past. Please select Former Student Sibling when prompted: How Did You Hear About Us? We will apply the discount on our end. If you pay in full, we will refund your card or you can simply pay the $275 deposit.

  • When do I start my first driving lesson?

    You get 5 drives which take place OUTSIDE of classroom time by appointment. Our Drive Instructors will schedule your first drives. We cannot drive you until after the 3rd day of class and you must have your learner's permit by the first drive.

  • What if I cancel my drive or don't show up?

    If you do not give your instructor at least a 48 hour notice prior to the drive, you will be charged a $50 re-schedule fee.

  • Do I need to get car insurance when I start Driver's Ed?

    No, you cannot be legally insured until you are a LICENSED driver. If the car you are driving is insured, then you are covered under the policy but check with your agent to be sure.

  • What if I miss a class --- how do I make it up?

    You can only miss 3 or less; all class hours MUST be made up within 6 months of the first day of the course or you will be dropped with an incomplete, resulting in re-taking (and repaying) the course. Makeups are drop-in but you must makeup the exact class you missed. Please contact our office for dates and times.

  • When can I get my license?

    You must:
    1) be at least 16 years old
    2) have a learner's permit for at least 6 months
    3) have at least 50 hours of practice driving --10 at night; and
    4) if you are under 18, you must complete a state-approved Traffic Safety Education (TSE) course and present the Certificate of Completion when you are applying for your license.

    If you were our student, you may take the drive test after receiving your emailed Letter of Completion from our office--you do not have to wait until you are 16 to test; your score will be valid for one year. When you turn 16 AND all the above applies, you can order it online from the DOL.

  • Do you also offer classes for Adults?

    No but we can do one-on-one classroom tutoring if needed. Most adults (18 or older) take private behind-the-wheel lessons. You must have a valid learner's permit before we will schedule your lesson. Please contact our office so that we may assign you to an instructor nearest your location.

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